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"Cat 'N Hats"
Winnipeg, MB
June 30 - 01, 2018
2 Day - 8 Ring Show

Entry period has closed as of
Sat Jun 23, 2018 4:00 PM

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Amounts displayed are in US dollars. Please contact entry clerk for corrections or deletions.

Entry Fees
*Entry Prices
  1st Entry   $55.00
  2nd Entry (and each additional entry)   $50.00
**Other Prices
  Single Day Entry   $30.00
* Prices set by individual Clubs. Availability and price subject to change. Space available is limited.
 ** Not a complete list of extras. Availability and price subject to change.
Show Counts and Statistics
 Currently 82 entry slots filled
 Currently 118 remaining entry slots available
Entry Numbers by Class
 Alter entries= 16
 Cat entries= 28
 HHP entries= 22
 Kitten entries= 16
Show Manager
Joy Leschasin
56 Prospect Road
Winnipeg, MB R3Y 1H3 CANADA
Phone: 204-489-7088
Show Lodging
Travelodge Winnipeg East [Show Map using Google Maps]
20 Alpine Avenue
Winnipeg, MB CANADA
Phone: 877-991-4440
Entry Clerk
Patti Day
465 Diedrich Drive
Carver, MN 55315 US
Phone: 612-968-2869
Show General Info
Judges Names
Wanda Miller - AB
Deborah Wich - AB
Carolyn Prucha - AB
Michele Manieri - SP
Gwen Hornung - AB
Heather MacDougall - AB
Elaine Gleason - AB
Robert Gleason - AB
Maximum 200 entries

Contact Information
E-mail the SHOW MANAGER for more information.
Go to the official show ON-LINE WEBSITE for more information.
Show Hall
St. Vital Centennial Arena [Show Map using Google Maps]
580 St. Anne's Road
Winnipeg, MB    CANADA


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